Training Grants Receive Budget Boost

Training Grants Receive Budget Boost


As part of the Liberal government’s 2016 federal budget, last month the Canada Job Grant received a $50 million increase to its previously $300 million annual program budget.  Through this program, employers in every Canadian province and territory except Quebec can access funding to invest in their workforce skills.

Any employer purchasing a training course for staff from an external 3rd-party trainer may receive a grant covering 2/3 of course costs up to $10,000 per trainee.  A wide variety of course types are eligible, such as essential workplace skills, technical training, business, management, leadership, and short-term certificate courses.  Training must be delivered in the same province in which the trainee is employed.

Employers must apply for the grant before the training course begins, and are encouraged to apply as early as possible to ensure funding availability.  To find out how RDP can help you access this and other government grants, please contact Paul Anderson at (416) 368-9341 x299 or email

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