Funding to improve technical capabilities for Manufacturers

Funding to improve technical capabilities for Manufacturers


If you are a manufacturer in Ontario and would like an assessment of your operations to determine how advanced technologies can improve your capabilities and efficiencies, then RDP can help. We are a qualified service provider under the CME Smart program, a fund which supports manufacturers who wish to adapt or adopt advanced technologies to improve their global competitiveness. If you contract us to carry out an assessment, you may be reimbursed up to 50% of the fees charged by RDP by applying for this grant.

If you then decide to purchase advanced equipment as a result of this assessment, you can receive an additional $100K under this program toward the purchase of the machinery. If you have already determined and assessed your needs and know what equipment to purchase, you are still eligible to apply for this funding.

For either program, RDP can help you with the assessment and with submitting the application. For more information please contact Paul Anderson at (416) 368-9341 x299 or email

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