Have You Considered Alternative Financing?

Have You Considered Alternative Financing?


In addition to accessing Government Grants and SR&ED Credits, where we can assist, you may wish to consider the alternative funding options from Liquid Capital Bancorp Inc.


If you are looking for short term financing to help your business grow without debt, Liquid Capital Bancorp Inc. may be the answer!!! They offer a robust range of products and tools to bring your business liquidity, flexibility and financial peace of mind. One of their financing options is described in the video link below.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Ashley Sarsam at (416) 368-9341 x510 or email to asarsam@rdpassociates.com or call Deborah Browning at Liquid Capital Bancorp Inc. at (647) 477-1273 or email to dbrowning@liquidcapitalcorp.com.

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