Have You Considered Alternative Financing?

In addition to accessing Government Grants and SR&ED Credits, where we can assist, you may wish to consider the alternative funding options from Liquid Capital Bancorp Inc. If you are looking for short term financing to help your business grow without debt, Liquid Capital Bancorp Inc. may be the […]


Funding to improve technical capabilities for Manufacturers

If you are a manufacturer in Ontario and would like an assessment of your operations to determine how advanced technologies can improve your capabilities and efficiencies, then RDP can help. We are a qualified service provider under the CME Smart program, a fund which supports manufacturers who wish to adapt […]


Training Grants Receive Budget Boost

As part of the Liberal government’s 2016 federal budget, last month the Canada Job Grant received a $50 million increase to its previously $300 million annual program budget.  Through this program, employers in every Canadian province and territory except Quebec can access funding to invest in their workforce skills. Any employer purchasing a training course […]


Allocating Resources for New Product Development

It is not uncommon for companies to be working on many innovation projects simultaneously. However, making sure that your strategic priorities are reflected under tight resource constraints is not always easy. Often times, quick and easy projects can be prioritized over longer reach projects – even though the more radical […]


Finding Time for Innovation

Everyone can relate to the feeling that there is not enough time in the day to get everything done. Sometimes it can seem impossible to escape the day-to-day of emails and to-do lists, let alone taking time to implement new processes. This can be especially daunting when introducing Innovation Management […]


Growing Forward 2 – Grants for Agriculture

If you operate a farm business, manufacture food, beverage or bio-products, or operate a non-profit entity in the agricultural sector, you could be eligible for significant funding through the Growing Forward 2 (GF2) program. GF2 is a five-year, $3 Billion investment by federal, provincial and territorial governments to support the Canadian agricultural industry. Through […]


  • You have been an amazing mentor and it is a pleasure to let others know how great you run your company.

  • RDP Associates quickly became a close partner in producing SR&ED project studies and in lending assistance to our tax provision process for our Canadian operations.  The firm offered a level of client comfort far above our expectations.”

  • Time has been very limited for our busy software company. RDP’s hands on customer service and knowledgeable staff trained and engaged with our technical staff seamlessly without interruption. RDP has proven themselves to be an excellent resource providing a quality service.

  • RDP introduced us to the SR&ED tax credit program and then successfully guided us through 6 fiscal years of claims.  The end result has been a significant reduction in the cost of our development.