Commencing operations in 1987, RDP set a goal of helping companies innovate. Our initial focus was to help Canadian companies obtain significant funding through the SR&ED tax credit program, introduced by the government in 1985. Over the ensuing years, as the Canadian and Provincial governments introduced new funding initiatives, RDP helped companies obtain government grants and a wide variety of tax credits.

In 2006, RDP expanded its innovation/R&D tax credit and business grant services to the UK, and in 2008 to the US.

By 2010 RDP had worked with thousands of companies who innovate. At that point RDP introduced its new series of Innovation Management services. The range of our services assist companies to develop an innovation strategy, through to implementing a practical and bottom line based innovation management process.

RDP backs its work with a simple guarantee, “we guarantee should there be no positive realized benefit, there is no charge for our service”.