One of RDP’s strengths is its people. RDP utilizes the skills and experience of highly qualified Technical Consultants as well as Financial Associates to complete our comprehensive assessments of SR&ED tax credit potential.  Many of RDP’s technical staff, including engineers, PhDs, and MSc’s, span virtually every area of science and technology, and each has over ten years’ experience with SR&ED tax credit programs. These individuals not only understand the technology, but can also relate the technology to the specific criteria required to determine eligibility of R&D projects. In addition, qualified accountants support the technical staff in terms of tax filings and financial documentation.

Some of the reasons to work with RDP on your SR&ED claim are:

  1. Let us take care of it!

    RDP will manage the process and carry out interviews and a review of your available documentation to put the claim together with minimal intervention from your team, so you can focus on the most important thing: your business!

  2. Take advantage of our experience!

    One of the critical areas of ensuring that a claim is successfully processed relates to dealing with government tax officials on a review of an SR&ED claim. RDP’s experience and professional manner ensure a smooth review. RDP knows the rules and has been through many government reviews, providing us with the experience to work with government officials effectively. RDP carries out regular consultations with CRA’s management and administration and will keep you up to date on all of the latest changes to the law and CRA’s often complex interpretations.

  3. Get results!

    The Innovation Connection Program helps you connect your innovation with your bottom line. The program is designed for growth-oriented corporations that are focused on technology improvements and are looking to seize and maximize opportunities that will increase cash and profits. As a client of RDP we work together to help you create a clear and well-defined vision of the future. As a result, you will have a strategy in place to achieve your goals. You take advantage of all R&D opportunities. You are maximizing and optimizing your claims. You are on top of your claims. You have the best expertise to identify, document and capture R&D. You are clear about eligibility and process. You have buy-in from management and staff. Most importantly, you have a trusted advisor who is helping you plan and invest in your future. As a result, your company’s reputation is growing as an industry leader.

  4. Let us teach you!

    RDP can educate your team on the ins and outs of the program. Take advantage of one of our workshops to build your company’s knowledge and build consensus on how the program applies to your business.