What Services does RDP provide?

RDP provides professional services to help companies manage, process and receive the full range of government funding available for companies in Canada.

How do you charge for your services?

RDP charges on a fixed fee, per diem, or contingency basis. We are very flexible on pricing and we can provide a quotation on any basis or as a combination.

What makes RDP different from other providers of similar services?

RDP has been successfully helping clients with government funding programs for over 25 years. We have an outstanding record, thousands of satisfied clients and we service the full range of government funding programs including tax credits, tax recovery and grants.

What is your success rate?

RDP’s overall success rate above 90% in terms of dollars claimed for.

Is confidentiality guaranteed?

We take the security of our client data very seriously because the client information we are provided is very sensitive. We have procedures and training in place to prevent the loss of confidentiality and in over 25 years RDP has never had an issue with the confidentiality of client information.