RDP is pleased to present the following workshops. The workshops are generally 2 to 2.5 hours in length and fees range from $599 to $899. For more information and pricing please call (416) 368-9341.

1. How to Develop an Innovation Master Plan for Your Company

➢ Create the link between strategy and innovation
➢ Decide what to innovate within your portfolio
➢ Plan how to develop an innovation process
➢ Identify who in your organization should be on the innovation team
➢ Determine where you should innovate
➢ Review innovation metrics

Take away: you will come away with a roadmap to set up a system and manage innovation within your company.

2. Are you the next Steve Jobs? How to Create Disruptive Innovation

➢ Create the link between strategy and innovation
➢ What is your innovation profile; take the profile and learn how to be more innovative
➢ The 5 skills required to be a disruptive innovator
➢ Examples of what successful companies do to innovate
➢ Putting it into practice; people and process

Take away: you will be able to identify, within your company, who has the skills to come up new and exciting innovation ideas, how to learn these skills and how to move these ideas forward.

3. The Innovator’s Toolkit

➢ Identify high potential innovation projects
➢ Effectively manage people, projects and innovation ROI
➢ Leverage brainpower and creativity
➢ Select optimizing designs
➢ Map new product and delivery processes
➢ Set up for commercialization

Take away: your will come away with list of numerous tools and techniques that you will be able to employ right away in your own business to streamline the process and make if much more efficient and profitable.

4. Teaming; How to Innovate Using Teams

➢ Select the right team within your organization
➢ Develop the team culture to create innovation
➢ Rules of the team – create a safe environment
➢ Team process; root cause analysis, solution generation, standard operating procedures
➢ Metrics to gage success
➢ Implementation strategies

Take away: find out how you can select and implement a team to solve any innovation problem. Teaming is very powerful method to not only improve the ROI, but to increase efficiency and employee engagement. You will also learn how you can add to profit in a manner of weeks.

5. The $1M Meeting

➢ Find buried and untapped profit in your business
➢ Quickly harness all the ideas, problems and opportunities inside the heads of each employee
➢ Use business flow mapping to identify opportunities
➢ Segregate ideas using the 7M analysis
➢ Rank the ideas and quantify the positive impact on the bottom line
➢ Set the stage to implement and improve the bottom line immediately

Take away: this productive session will send you on a path to add substantial profits to the bottom. Most companies come out of the session with anywhere between $500,000 and $1,200,000 worth of bottom line improvements.

6. Innovation from a CEO Perspective; What Every CEO Should be Thinking About

➢ Is innovation necessary?
➢ What innovation means within your company
➢ Relate business strategy to innovation
➢ Segregate innovation from business optimization
➢ Create a culture of innovation through leadership
➢ Set out an innovation road map
➢ Calculate and monitor innovation KPIs and ROI

Take away: learn some techniques on how to integrate Innovation into your strategy,how to select an innovation team, how to set up a process and the metrics to set targets.

7. Lean Start Up; How Entrepreneurs Can Develop Continuous Innovation

➢ Minimum viable product – how to develop the minimum version of the product or service to obtain the maximize customer feedback
➢ Continuous deployment – all new code is deployed immediately into the product
➢ Split testing – different versions of the product are offered to customers at the same time
➢ Metrics
➢ Pivot – structured way of testing the alternative idea or hypothesis about the product, service or strategy

Take away: Learn how to innovate quickly and efficiently or achieve improved ROI. Also learn how to fail fast.