Over its 29 years in business, RDP’s main growth has been through partnering with accounting firms, law firms, financial institutions and other trusted advisors. The client firms have benefited and our partner firms have benefited greatly by increasing their revenue streams, attracting new clients and protecting their existing client lists.

Benefits for the client:

•  Reduction of last minute claim filing to increase the amount claimed
•  Maximizing the amount claimed by including previously missed eligible activities
•  Increasing the amount claimed by including previously missed eligible costs
•  Improving defense of claim by implementing effective systems so contemporaneous documentation is retained

Benefits for the referral firm:

Painless Process for Claim Preparation

• Clients spend minimal time in technical interviews
• Clients do not waste time gathering old documents to recollect or to prove eligible work
• Required data will be captured at the time work is being done

Maximised claims

• Full identification of all eligible project, activities, and costs

Full documentation support

• Clients will no longer be frustrated due to complex and comprehensive documentation requirements
• RDP will help implement a documentation management system to capture all necessary and sufficient documentary evidence as required by the IRS to support eligible work
• Planned quarterly reviews to ensure documentation compliance

Fewer days required to assess/settle

• Claims can be finalized together with the firm at the same time as year end financial statements are prepared

Early eligibility assessment

• Clients will know the potential R&D benefits before the work is completed
• RDP consultant will conduct a short 15-30 minute interview to assess eligibility of the planned work for the current year, and will not wait for the financial year to end