Software/IT-Technical Associate SR&ED

This position involves the preparation of SR&ED claims, including client consultations and meetings to prepare the claims. The Technical Associate will also be responsible for assisting our Financial Associates prepare financial components of the claims.

There would also be the opportunity to work with our overseas clients in relation to the UK’s R&D Tax Relief Program.

You should have a university degree in computer/software/electrical engineering, computational mathematics/science, computer science, applied mathematics, or other related fields. Additionally, a minimum of 2 years of professional experience in information technology or software development is expected. It would be considered an asset if the candidate has experience with or knowledge of the SR&ED program, or other government tax incentive programs related to R&D. The ideal candidate would have 2+ years of SR&ED experience.

Should this position be of interest to you, feel free to submit your CV to proceed with the application process.