SR&ED Claim Case Study



An RDP Associates Inc. (RDP) client that provides cloud-based and on-premises enterprise class software solutions for the construction industry had been claiming SR&ED funding through another service provider for a number of years.





Difficulty in obtaining claim approval every year and a significantly reduced return following a CRA review caused the company to consider changing their SR&ED consultant. With an even bigger hurdle ahead—4 consecutive claims grouped together for a large self-assessment—they sought RDP’s expert assistance in defending their SR&ED funding claim. RDP’s biggest challenge was reviewing projects, costs and activities spanning 4 years within a short timeframe.





We employed our unique ‘Industry Challenges’ methodology to identify, organize and document the information needed to support the claim and defend SR&ED efforts that the client had engaged in previously.




Under this proprietary process, RDP’s technical associates first determined specific industry challenges relating to our client’s business. All of the client’s projects were then integrated into the Industry Challenges process to clearly identify and support their SR&ED initiatives.




The value of a SR&ED service provider like RDP can be measured by the ability of our firm to successfully defend a claim on a Revenue Canada (CRA) review as well as substantially increase returns when compared to previous years.




The following are five significant results we were able to achieve:




  1. Higher returns: RDP increased the SR&ED claim amount significantly by using our unique Industry Challenges methodology.
  2. Efficient claim preparation: The claim was prepared in our proven format to allow for quick and efficient processing.
  3. Streamlined internal system: An internal SR&ED process is now in place which is significantly improved compared to the previous one.
  4. Minimal disruption to business activities: RDP provided the client’s SR&ED project management team with comprehensive support resulting in minimal disruption to their main business activities.
  5. RDP services retained for future claims: RDP gave the client confidence to claim their SR&ED entitlement and is now set to make future funding claims under a more streamlined process.
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