We are pleased to announce a new program at RDP Associates that helps selected start-up companies receive better access and support to the SR&ED tax credit and government grant programs.

When a client signs up for this program, they will receive:

  • Regular consultations at no charge to provide the company with a list of applicable government assistance programs
  • Companies will be kept apprised of all new grants, tax credits and alerted when closed programs re-open
  • All government assistance is considered including tax credits, grants and repayable contributions at the federal, provincial and regional level
  • Once a government assistance list is provided, RDP will work with the client to determine if the assistance is a fit and an application should be made
  • RDP’s fees for accessing SR&ED and other government assistance will be on a success fee basis, where permitted, and below market rates.

This program is designed for start-ups that have received private investment of 500K or more, or are incurring R&D cost of at least 150K via T4 salary or 300k in Canadian contractor costs. The goal of this program is to partner with companies that are looking for longer term multi-year support to help the growth trajectory of their start ups by accessing government funding.