With dozens of different streams of funding to support a wide range of business activities, Ontario’s Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) program offers grants to businesses in the agriculture sector. They include farmers, cannabis growers, and food and beverage manufacturers. Each stream of funding has its own rules and requirements, which make applying for them a challenge for applicants.

Am I a Producer or a Processor?

  • A producer is a farm business that generates a primary agricultural product (growing plants or raising animals).
  • A processor is a business that takes that primary product and transforms it in some way, at least by polishing, peeling, cutting, slicing, shredding, cooking, etc.

In a PDFreport (download below), we offer a comprehensive look at issues that farmers, producers, and processors from different parts of the agriculture industry deal with on a daily basis and explain what factors are at play that impact their eligibility for agri grants.

* Download our comprehensive list of questions and answers about agri grants in Ontario.

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