Connecting Innovation With Your Bottom Line

Over the last three decades, RDP has proudly helped businesses in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, procure over half a billion dollars in government grants and R&D tax credits. Our consultants are dedicated to assisting organizations like yours with obtaining funds for innovation. They advise and guide you on how to apply for government incentives and maximize your cash returns.

Our History

Marketing and Consulting Capabilities That Can Meet Your Growing Needs

When we commenced operations in 1987, RDP had a single goal: help businesses innovate. The initial focus was to help Canadian companies obtain significant funding through the SR&ED tax credit program introduced by the government in 1985. Subsequently, as the Canadian federal and provincial governments introduced new funding initiatives, RDP began to assist companies in obtaining a wide variety of tax credits and business grants.

In 2006, RDP expanded its innovation management, R&D tax credit, and business grant services to the UK. By 2010, RDP’s team of consultants had worked with thousands of companies around the globe.

The RDP Approach

The Right Government Funding That Fits Your Strategy

As an internationally recognized consulting firm, we annually assist hundreds of companies around the world from a wide range of industries. You will have the advantage of working with an accredited team that is knowledgeable about your industry. You can rest assured that we make the application process as smooth as possible, ensuring that you obtain the maximum cash benefit. Whether you need funding for R&D, innovation, hiring, training, exports or business expansion, you can count on us to identify the right government funding that fits your strategy. Following a peer-to-peer approach, whereby our technical specialists work with your technical specialists, we aim for a seamless process through which you achieve your goals.

Our Priority

Customer Satisfaction

You cannot grow a successful business for over 30 years without steadfast and high levels of customer satisfaction. We are proud of our net promoter score, which is consistently above 9.2, made possible by going the extra mile for every client.
Filling out complicated applications, documenting them, trying to understand rules and regulations— these are stressful tasks. When your goal is to obtain tax credits and grant incentives for exciting new product development, we want you to enjoy the experience! RDP’s fees are geared towards a “no-benefit-no-pay” fee structure that supports this effort.

A Proven Process

RDP conducts a detailed assessment of your objectives and develops a plan for pursuing the funds. The plan includes:
A FREE initial consultation to review your current strategies, objectives, and budgets to assess which of your projects or initiatives are eligible for funding.
A report that includes a matrix of all programs applicable to each of your objectives. You will receive a descriptive summary of each program, and a timeline with recommendations on how to position projects and objectives based on the availability of funds.
Once an agreement is made between you and RDP on the funding program or tax credit applications and their pricing, we work with you to prepare, draft, submit and follow-up on applications. Moreover, once a grant is approved, we manage associated claim reports.
The grant team at RDP monitors the status of hundreds of grant programs available in Canada. When a new program becomes available, the grant team notifies you to ensure your organization fully leverages available funding.
An integrated approach, a result-oriented process, and a comprehensive range of services help optimize your chances of success.

Contact Us to Schedule a Free Assessment of Your Eligibility

We offer complimentary assessment of your eligibility for a wide range of government funding programs as they pertain to your business operations. 

Contact Us to Schedule a Free Assessment of Your Eligibility

We offer complimentary assessment of your eligibility for a wide range of government funding programs as they pertain to your business operations.