SR&ED Tax Credits

What is SR&ED?

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit program is intended to encourage businesses, particularly SMEs and start-ups, to conduct R&D that leads to new, improved, or technologically advanced products, processes, devices, and materials.

Maximize Your SR&ED Claims via ICP

RDP’s proprietary Innovation Connection Program (ICP) implements a system that maximizes our clients’ SRED tax credit claims. We have over 30 years of experience with the SR&ED tax credit program and built a reputation for being the leading SR&ED provider in the industry.

Reduce the Time and Stress of Your Staff

We reduce the time and effort needed from your staff by up to 80%. This frees up time for your staff to concentrate their efforts on their areas of expertise and contribute more to your company’s productivity.

Better CRA Audit Results

When we compare our records with the number of CRA audits (obtained through the Freedom of Information Act), RDP’s clients have had a significantly lower chance of experiencing a reduction in their SR&ED claim despite strict and frequent CRA audits.

Continuity and Protection of Your IP Matter A Lot!

RDP has been able to maintain and progress the recording of clients’ intellectual property (IP) so that Development and SR&ED continue uninterrupted in the event senior technical personnel leave mid-project. This continuity has proved to offer priceless value.

We Are More Than A SR&ED Provider

Our relationship with CRA and SR&ED

We have built high-earned respect for our work and staff. Our position at RDP is clear: we fight for every dollar that our clients are entitled to, and do so assertively and professionally. Our clients experience a significantly lower chance of audit than the average claim filer and they receive at least 20% more than the average company undergoing a CRA SR&ED audit. RDP looks diligently into your:

  • Technical merits and challenges of your technology
  • Matters related to your intellectual property rights
  • Alternative pathways to commercialize your invention

Properly backing up your documentation

Throughout the year, we work with your team to document and review all possible projects. This way, the claim is supported with proper documentation and you can be certain that your company’s full efforts are reviewed with no project overlooked.

Explore government funding beyond SR&ED

There is a wide range of business grants that fund business activities beyond R&D. These activities include innovation, business expansion, hiring, training, and accessing foreign markets. RDP covers all these areas of funding in great depth. We have specialty departments in various business sectors such as cleantech, agriculture, life science, advanced manufacturing and subsectors of the tech industry (fintech, e-health, digital media, artificial intelligence, and software).

Don’t Trust Any Sales Pitch;
Test Drive Us

When you select an SR&ED provider, the bottom line is the quality and competency of SR&ED consultants that work on your claim. We have a 100% success rate of winning SR&ED work when a prospective client undertakes a small assignment that permits RDP to work with their staff. We’re confident that when RDP’s staff spends even a small amount of time working with your staff, our expertise shines through.

Maximize Your SR&ED Claims in Real-time:

  • Ensure SR&ED projects are properly identified
  • Check all eligible SR&ED projects are claimed
  • Confirm all eligible SR&ED activities are described and quantified
  • Ensure all SR&ED Costs are correlated to eligible SR&ED projects
  • Ensure all SR&ED costs are accurate

Contact Us to Schedule a Free Assessment of Your SR&ED Eligibility

We offer complimentary assessment of your eligibility for SR&ED including business expenses and other forms of government funding programs.