“I’d like to take a moment and thank RDP for the great work it has done in putting together the SR&ED proposals for the last three fiscal years over a span of 14 months since our first meeting.
I’m amazed at RDP’s ability to grasp the entire year’s R&D activities within a short one-hour meeting and then write up a brilliant technical proposal. We appreciate your patience in going through the edits with us.

In addition to helping us with the technical write up for the proposals, RDP went above and beyond in educating our team on how the SR&ED claims work in general, contents of the proposal, and most importantly, how to be best prepared for following year claims.

Thank you, Christine, for thorough financial analysis of our claims and preparing an excellent financial report which gave us a clear picture on the dollar values of the claims.

The fact that two of our last three claims have been approved without an audit and the first claim with a very minor reduction in claim value explains RDP’s competency in managing SR&ED claims and helping small companies like ours to avail the benefits to support our future R&D efforts. This has put ahead of the competition.

We look forward to working together for our next claim in the coming months.”

Manjunath Anand, CTO, Cleanslate UV

“We engaged RDP Associates based on their technical and financial expertise in order to maximize our SR&ED Claim. The main benefit with working with RDP was their understanding of our business model and technology. Previous experience with other SR&ED service providers revolved around the lack of understanding of the complexities in the development we do and how to strategically map it out to our R&D expenditures. This resulted in spending more time than we had budgeted for to get the needed result.

Overall, it was a good experience working with Susan, Stella and Christine at RDP. The input and guidance they provided were very good, both in the technical and financial sides and the turnaround time was excellent.

It is without hesitation that I can say not all SRED providers are the same. If you have complex work and would like expertise that adds real value to your claim I would recommend RDP.”

Steven Zolnierczyk,  General Manager, Inago Draft

“Halogen Software uses RDP Associates to help us obtain government grants. As a fast-growing and successful organization, when we outsource grant funding, we demand that the firms we work with have a proven record, are proactive, and can guide us. Halogen Software’s experience with RDP allows us to comfortably rely on RDP’s team to not only effectively seize the applicable grants but to communicate effectively and efficiently. Thank you, RDP.”

Shanna Laughton, Halogen Software

“I have been happy with the service.
1) Naim is a pleasure to work with and is able to grasp concepts easily and fast
2) It makes my job easier when your “accountants” work directly with ours (which is usually the case)
3) RDP is responsive to our timelines”

Andrew Mullins, President, Vision Knit Ltd.

“Alex, I want to let you and Christine know how happy we are with the knowledge, professionalism, and the work quality that you both bring to our team. We are very lucky to have such solid resources to help us grow and become an exceptional company we aim to be.”

Peter Dobbs, President, Enginess

“Prior to meeting with RDP I had been approached by other firms in regards to SRED tax credits but was skeptical on whether or not we would qualify, in fact, some of these other firms made us feel that we may be too small to make this worthwhile. RDP took the time to explain eligible activities and as a result, we realized that this claim would be worthwhile to pursue.

As a result of their efforts, RDP uncovered a substantial amount of money for our firm that would have otherwise been lost. With this additional money, we are able to reinvest in our organization and increase the quality of our products. As a result, I plan on using RDP in the future. I have been very happy with their results, support and professional manner in dealing with our firm. Due to our experience with RDP and RDP’s thorough review process, I would recommend that you take the time to meet with them for potential areas that qualify for SRED whether you do work internally, are with an external firm or are curious on whether or not your activities qualify as SRED.”

Terisa Lal, Vice President, Domtrak Systems Ltd.

“When I first met with RDP to discuss SR&ED opportunities, I was told that they also offered government grant services.
The timing of the grant portion of what was also offered could not have been better, as we were in the market for a new piece of equipment and this program looked like a fit. I am pretty skeptical when it comes to things that look too good to be true, but John Robinson took the time to go over every detail with my team and me, and, in the end, we were convinced it would work.
The professionalism, efficiency, and effectiveness with which John handled were unlike anything I had ever seen. They handled everything, and we only had to provide some paperwork and time to conduct some minor testing.
There was no disruption of our regular workload and mostly it was exchanging emails and holding conference calls. In the end, as promised, we qualified and were awarded nearly $500,000 for a grant, which was identified, drafted, and supported by RDP.
I can’t thank John enough for its efforts to secure the funds we needed. We would have never known they even existed, had it not been for John’s call and the great work by him and RDP.”

Dan Deveau, President, Cameron Advertising Ltd.

“RDP has been instrumental in helping us apply for, defend, and receive government funding for many years. Before RDP, we had very mediocre results with government funding, but ever since we started working with RDP we have been able to maximize our tax credits, grants, and other funding efficiently and quickly. We are very happy with the RDP team, they are very experienced, diligent, easy to work, with and can achieve outstanding results.” 

Don Matt Gagnon, President, Canada Cordage Inc.

“You have been an amazing mentor and it is a pleasure to let others know how greatly you run your company.”

Arash Vahidnia, President and CEO, IPsmarx Technology Inc.  

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